The system of levels and expeditions to other states: what we learned from the preview of Far Cry New Dawn

What changed in Hope County after a nuclear explosion.

Reporters publications to Variety , the Game by Informer , GamesRadar , Vccftech , US Gamer , TechRadar and PC GamesN visited Ubisoft offices in Montreal and played in the pre-release version of Far Cry New Dawn. We have selected the most interesting information from their preview.

  • In the plot, in the post-apocalyptic district of Hope, one Thomas Rush is traveling, – the head of the gang, seeking to protect the survivors and rebuild settlements. You will not play for Rush himself, but for his “right hand” – a mysterious and silent character.
  • Missions in the game are similar to missions in any other Far Cry. Locations are filled with enemies, the game shows when they notice you, and everything can go wrong according to a plan due to an unexpected encounter with a wild animal.
  • The player can perform story missions, clean outposts and search for treasure.
  • The game has less “random encounters” – they are no longer felt obsessive.
  • There are also fewer outposts in New Dawn than in Far Cry 5, but they have become more diverse.
  • The player is asked to improve the camp: there you can bring two specialists – each with his own mission – and build three additional buildings there.
  • Journalist Variety believes that the game has almost no plot, and that it is served exclusively through dialogues, recordings and other details scattered around the world. The game director of the game claims that this is not the case, and Far Cry New Dawn just “takes a long time to accelerate.”
  • According to the Game Informer journalist, the plot develops in parallel with the development of the base: improvements and the passage of story missions provide access to new improvements and new missions.
  • The plot in the game is no longer served through the constant abduction of a player’s character by various villains, as was the case in Far Cry 5.
  • The game has an Expedition system: if you transfer enough resources to the helicopter pilot, he will be able to send the player outside Hope County. For example, if you ask a pilot to take you to Florida, he will drop you off on some abandoned warship full of enemies.
  • According to the journalist Game Informer, all the “expeditions” in which he had the opportunity to participate looked the same: you had to find a bag in the enemy’s territory, return to the helicopter’s landing site and shoot off enemies for a while while the pilot tried to land.
  • Journalist PC GamesN clarifies that there are seven “expeditionary” outposts in the game, and that each of them covers an area of ​​a whole square kilometer. According to him, in order to conquer them, you need to carefully think over and plan your actions. Each “expeditionary” mission can be completed in many different ways – there are always some secret passages on the map, as well as traps.
  • The developers have confirmed that they will not add new “expeditions” to the game after its release.
  • According to the journalist Variety, the gameplay has not changed: players await familiar gameplay in familiar, albeit “repainted” scenery.
  • The enemies and weapons have a level system, and it greatly influences the gameplay. Journalist PC GamesN tells how his attack on the outpost did not go according to plan due to the fact that one of the enemies unexpectedly survived all his attacks. One of the developers who watched his gameplay decided to remind the journalist that there is a level system in the game.
  • In a conversation with a US Gamer journalist, the creative director of the game allegedly admitted that he was not a supporter of the idea of ​​the level system in Far Cry, but changed his mind when he saw how it works in the game.
  • There are no weapons stores in the game – you need to either mine them on missions, or craft them yourself.
  • Now, if you hit the enemy over his head, the numbers of the damage inflicted appear – as in the Borderlands.
  • The skin system is no longer there – each weapon looks a certain way, and its appearance cannot be changed.
  • Captured enemy bases can be left under their control, or one can voluntarily “hand over” to the enemy so that they seize them back and fortify there. This makes sense, because fortified camps can be an endless source of valuable equipment.
  • Each outpost has three levels of difficulty – by capturing a camp on an easy one, you can try to capture it a second time.
  • Containers with resources randomly fall from the sky – if you hurry, you can pick them up before the enemies get to them.
  • “Light RPG-elements”, according to journalists, are prompted to explore the terrain and constantly search for higher-level equipment. Now, the storyline campaign of the game cannot simply be “run” – it will be necessary to arm in an appropriate way.
  • In regard to the post-apocalyptic nature, the developers allowed themselves to show imagination. Almost everything in the district has acquired a bright, acid color – even water. In addition, due to radical changes in the climate in Montana, you can now observe the northern lights.
  • The PC GamesN journalist believes that the lion’s share of the game’s appeal lies in the unusual setting: if in Far Cry 5, he just ran around the district, buried in a mini-map, now he explores each location with interest.
  • The game has scouts with information about almost everything. If you use them, you will always know where to look for the best loot and the most tasty outposts.
  • Companion animals – Akita Timber and Horatio the pig – now do not run after the car, but sit in it with you. This allows you to no longer feel guilty.
  • Journalists have a claim to the plot and characters: the author of PC GamesN believes that the two main villains do not reach the level of Vaas and Pagan Ming, and calls the secondary characters “defiantly unfunny”.
  • In the game you can meet many characters from Far Cry 5, and some can be made partners.

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