The creators of Just Cause talked about the main features of the gameplay cooperative Generation Zero


Survival in the open world, captured by hostile machines.

In an almost four-minute clip, the developers talk about how the open world works and what dangers await the players.

Generation Zero will allow you to play alone or in a team of up to four people. Players will fall into an alternative version of Sweden from the 1980s, where humanity disappeared and the territory was invaded by hostile machines. Apparently, the game will not have a traditional plot narration, and you will have to learn the story of what happened by examining individual corners of the map, where you can find, for example, abandoned bunkers.

The basic elements of survival are expressed in the need for players to independently search for weapons and modifications for them, as well as thoughtfully approach battle with opponents. Machines in the world will be several types, characterized by weaknesses and strengths.

The developers noted that if we enter into a fight with the enemy and get out of it without destroying the car, then it can also be found in the game world later. In this case, regardless of how long it takes from the moment of the battle, all damage will remain on the machine.

Robots can be neutralized neatly – without causing damage to some details. In this case, these parts can be used to create improved weapons accessories. One of these is shown in the video – it is a rifle sight with night vision mode.

This can be useful, because Generation Zero includes a full cycle of day and night, as well as dynamic weather, which, according to the developers, affects the visibility of the environment not only for the player, but also for the machines, creating unique conditions.

The game is being developed by Avalanche studio, known from the Just Cause series and currently working on RAGE 2 with id Software. Generation Zero has not yet acquired the exact release date – its release will take place next year. Platforms are also unknown.


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