The authors of Rage 2 ridiculed the similarities of their game with Far Cry New Dawn


Even after the announcement of Far Cry New Dawn at The Game Awards, players could not help but notice that in the spring of 2019 two shooters about “pink postapocalypse” were released at once.

Apparently, this fact is not planned to be ignored by the authors of Rage 2 themselves – they drew art for their game in the style of promotional materials of Ubisoft shooter.

Thus, Avanche and id Software reminded themselves on the day of the publication of the previews and the long gameplay videos of New Dawn – after all, Rage 2 itself has a similar outburst of information in a week

On the poster are the New Dawn (New Dawn) and Newer Dawn wordplay.

This image is a parody of Far Cry New Dawn, a key art. At the same time, Bethesda managed to use in its version two of the most hated modern fonts – Comic Sans and Papyrus


And the authors of Rage 2, it seems, are not going to be limited to only one art. They started an aggressive SMM game.

How cute. This game looks great!

Far Cry New Dawn is already released on February 15, and Rage 2 – May 14. As noted, journalists in this case, Bethesda is a little cunning. In the promotional materials Rage 2 uses bright colors, but in the game the palette is muted, which can not be said about New Dawn.

Rage 2

Far cry new dawn

This is the second time that PR people at Rage 2 are adapting the game to market conditions. Even before the announcement of the shooter, information about its existence hit the media, and Bethesda decided to use it to their advantage, starting to tease social network users with teasers.

Far Cry New Dawn: storyline trailer, screenshots and 30 minutes of gameplay 


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