On the Humble Bundle started the distribution of the quest Deponia: The Complete Journey


The promotion will last 48 hours.

To pick up the game, you need to log into the Humble Bundle account and subscribe to the store’s newsletter. A link with an activation key for Steam will be sent in an email.

Get Deponia: The Complete Journey for freeFor a limited time, get Deponia: courtesy of … WWW.HUMBLEBUNDLE.COM

A series of quests Deponia from the German studio Daedalic Entertainment tells about the adventures of the inventor Rufus, who wants to escape from the landfill planet. In the story, the hero meets the girl Goal from the rich city of Elysium and falls in love with her.

The Complete Journey compilation includes the first three parts of the series – Deponia, Chaos on Deponia and Goodbye Deponia. The fourth game tells a separate story about the same characters.

The distribution will end on January 26 at 21:00 Moscow time.


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