Mobile Command & Conquer will be released on December 4


This will be the first game in the franchise in six years.

Release Command & Conquer: Rivals held around the world, on Android and iOS at the same time, confirmed by EA.

The developers stressed that they wanted to create a strategy in which the player’s approach to each battle and his skills would be important. They thanked all those who participated in the preliminary testing and promised that they would listen to users in the future, developing the game.

Publishers are planning to hold Rivals eSports tournaments as early as 2019. Already at the start, the Champions competition mode will be available in the strategy, taking place every weekend.

Mobile C & C was announced at E3 2018, which caused a negative reaction from fans of the franchise. The first trailer on YouTube has collected more than 60 thousand dislikes and only 2.8 thousand likes.

In mid-October, Electronic Arts announced that the development of the series would not be limited to a mobile strategy – they were going to release remasters of games that were released in the nineties and early zero.


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