EA talked about plans to release Remasters Command & Conquer


One of them can be released on the 25th anniversary of the series.

On October 11, EA producer Jim Vessella, who previously worked on Command & Conquer 3 and Red Alert 3, turned to the real-time strategy community in its Reddit section. According to him, after the announcement of the mobile Command & Conquer: Rivals at E3 2018, the company heard that players would like to see the series return to the PC.

Vessella announced that the publishing house is planning to release remasters of the classic parts of the strategy. He also hinted that the first reissue could be released on the 25th anniversary – this is the year 2020, since the original Command & Conquer was released in 1995.

The producer asked the community members to leave their comments so that the company could determine the future of the series based on them.

In comments, Vessella assured that EA will not add microtransactions to C & C Remaster. By this, he also indirectly confirmed that the players are waiting for the reissue of the very first part.

Command & Conquer created Westwood Studios, which worked on the series from 1995 to 2002. EA acquired the studio in 1998 and closed it in 2003, transferring the development of the remaining parts of the series to other units.


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