EA announced the remasters of Command & Conquer and Red Alert


The composer of original games Frank Klepaki is working on them.

Residents are responsible for Petroglyph, which consists of former Westwood studio staff responsible for the original Command & Conquer.

Petroglyph president Mike Legge and producers Jim Vesella and Ted Morris made a short appeal to the fans of the series – in which they thanked them for their interest in returning the franchise.

Frank Klepaki, composer of the original Command & Conquer, who will work on the remasters, also appeared in the video. They will come out in one set with all additions.

Updated versions of strategies, as EA has assured earlier in October, will not include microtransactions. At the same time, the publishing house hinted that it plans to release the first C & C remasters on the 25th anniversary of the series. It will take place in 2020, since the original game was released in the 1995th.

It is not yet known when the Remasters of Command & Conquer and Red Alert will come out, as well as whether other parts of the franchise will be re-published besides them.

Studio Westwood worked on a series of real-time strategies until 2002 — after that, EA closed it in 2003. Then most of the staff, including Frank Klepaki, moved to Petroglyph.

In addition to the remasters, EA is also preparing to release a mobile Command & Conquer – it will appear on iOS and Android on December 4.


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