Crytek and Improbable are working on an AAA game on the SpatialOS cloud platform .


Companies have promised to talk about their project “soon.”

In her blog, Crytek announced that it had become a partner of Epic Games and Improbable, working on the SpatialOS cloud platform.

Together with Improbable, the studio intends to create a complete set of tools based on SpatialOS for developers using its CryEngine engine. The first masterpieces are already used by the creators of the “royal battle” Mavericks: Proving Grounds from Automaton.

In addition, Crytek announced that, together with Improbable, it is working on a certain AAA game based on CryEngine and SpatialOS. The first details of the company promised to tell “soon.”

SpatialOS is a cloud based platform for developing multiplayer games on PS4, Xbox One, iOS, Android and PC, by default supporting cross-play and integration of any engines.

In September 2018, Aarin Flynn, the former general manager of BioWare, joinedCasey Hudson, who returned from Microsoft , to Improbable working on SpatialOS .

Improbable had a conflict with Unity earlier in January , when the latter changed the terms of use for its engine and accused the creators of SpatialOS of violating it, revoking the license. This has affected many developers using Unity in their games.

Epic Games sided with Improbable, deciding to open with it a $ 25 million fund to support developers using Unity and the SpatialOS platform, and wanting to change the engine.

Later, Unity still returned the Improbable license and partially reverted changes to the terms of use.


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