Anthem authors will add a social hub for 16 people to the game at the request of gamers


Initially, this function was not intended in the game.

BioWare lead producer Michael Gamble said that Anthem will include not only Fort Tarsis, a hub where players will spend time between tasks and receive new tasks, but also the so-called Launch Bay. The “bay” is a location where users can meet and spend time outside of missions. In total, this location will accommodate up to 16 players.

After the mission, you can go to Tarsis and meet with the cool characters we created … Or you can head to the new Launch Bay, hang out with friends, use the forge, replenish supplies and take a new contract. Yes, we hear you. Details will be coming soon.

Gamble explained that there will be no Anthem Launch Bay in the demo. The hub will only appear on the release.

The idea of ​​a multiplayer “lobby” developers filed the players themselves. Initially, the authors planned to limit themselves only to Fort Tarsis, but the feedback of the community made BioWare think about expanding social functions.

The release of Anthem is scheduled for February 22. From January 25 to January 27, Access Access and EA Access subscribers, as well as pre-order owners, will get access to the demo version. Other users will be able to try out the game from 1 to 3 February.


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