Far Cry New Dawn: storyline trailer, screenshots and 30 minutes of gameplay


Rescue dogs and mutant bison.

The storyline trailer shows the “female” version of the main character of the post-apocalyptic Far Cry New Dawn, which will confront the Twins and their supporters.

One of the main allies of the hero will be the antagonist of Far Cry 5 Joseph Sid and his religious cult “Gates of Eden.”

The authors dedicated a separate video to Timber, a dog ally, who can be recruited as Boomer in Far Cry 5.

In addition, Ubisoft allowed several publishers and bloggers to share the gameplay of the game – all videos are recorded from the PS4.

In the videos you can see some of the RPG-mechanic, which was previously described by the developers. For example, a health bar is now displayed above opponents, and when shooting at them, the player sees how much damage each of the hits causes

In Far Cry New Dawn, the player will also be able to go beyond the boundaries of the state of Montana through outings into closed areas of the country.

The actions of Far Cry New Dawn unfold 17 years after the events of Far Cry 5 and show the world after a nuclear explosion. This is the first part of the series in a post-apocalyptic setting.

New Dawn will be released on February 15.

Ubisoft talked about “light RPG-mechanics” in Far Cry New Dawn 


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