vivo allowed to touch the new flagship, but did not show it


The vivo brand has chosen an unusual tactic to promote the new flagship smartphone. The device was placed in a small box and went to the streets, where passersby was offered to put their hand into the hole and touch the novelty. It was impossible to look at it, so you can get an idea of ​​the form from the words of people.

The most unusual was that none of those captured in the video could find the physical buttons on the case, as well as any holes. The shape of the smartphone, according to the townspeople, resembles a pebble or metallic soap.

This corresponds with the teaser of the vivo smartphone, which depicts an object resembling a large metal stone with a streamlined shape. The code designation of the device – The Waterdrop, and on the early renders flaunts phone with smooth outlines.


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