Metro Exodus uses Denuvo


In previous games, the series of this protection system was not.

As Steam users noticed, the Metro Exodus page in the store has been updated – a note appeared on it that Denuvo is used in the game over the store’s basic security system.

Some players have already managed to declare in the community that they will no longer buy the game. At least as long as it has Denuvo.

The presence of Denuvo also means that Metro Exodus will not appear soon in the GOG, where in 2014 there were re-releases of the first two parts. One of the main conditions of the CD Projekt platform is the lack of DRM.

What version of Denuvo is used in Metro Exodus is not yet known. Some of them had previously been hacked by hackers for a few days, while others held on for months.

Metro Exodus will be released on February 15th

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