GOG has launched a webpage calling for a boycott of DRM-protected content.


On it, employees explain why the anti-piracy system harms users.

On August 21, GOG’s online gaming store launched . This webpage is a manifesto against DRM protection.

DRM (Digital Rights Management) is actually a very broad term that defines the technology that controls how and where you can use digital content.Post on

The authors of the site explain exactly how this anti-piracy protection harms users and violates their consumer rights.

Today, DRM sends your information to the server and checks if you made changes to the files. This system can deny access to the content until you log in somewhere.

In other words, DRM is needed in order to check what you are doing at every step.Post on

GOG employees call the DRM switch, which large companies and corporations can turn off at any time.

At the moment, you may not feel the negative impact of DRM, but corporations have their hands on the pulse and only allow you to use content as long as you confirm your ownership again and again. As long as you are connected to the internet. As long as DRM is working properly.Post on

The page also contains quotes from veterans of the gaming industry who oppose DRM protection.

You can make a version of the game without DRM and make more money instead of spending millions of dollars to protect it.

Tim Schaefer, game designer

It is not yet clear what purpose the GOG employees were pursuing by launching Apparently, in this way they are trying to promote their own online store that sells games without DRM.

At Gamescom journalists were also served beer of this “brand”

The players, in turn, noted that such a move is not to face a large, respected company .


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