China officially recognized the birth of genetically modified children


The Chinese authorities officially recognized the birth of two children with genetically modified cells. It is also alleged that biologist He Jiankui acted independently and forged documents to pass them off as official ones. This is the agency “Xinhua”.

According to the published conclusion of a special commission, the team included foreign employees. The project participants built their activities in such a way as not to fall under suspicion, acting cautiously and covertly for the purpose of carrying out genetic engineering activities. Thus, He Jiankui and his colleagues violated Chinese laws.

All project participants will respond to the fullest extent of the law. Children, in turn, will remain under the supervision of specialists. All projects in which he participated will be suspended.

The fact that Chinese scientists were the first in the world to introduce genetically modified cells into the body of an adult with the help of CRISPR / Cas9 technology became known in November 2018.

A change in DNA, He Jiankui believed, would have provided children with protection against the development of certain types of cancer.


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