Bandai Namco has opened a pre-order for the Dark Souls trilogy collection from the 460-page compendium


It is sold on the European website of the company for 499 euros.

In rubles at the current rate and excluding delivery, the edition will cost 37.5 thousand, but Bandai Namco does not send goods to Russia.

In addition to the three parts of Dark Souls, additions to them and the soundtrack, the collector’s edition includes a figure of a knight by the fire, a 460-page compendium with illustrations and descriptions of objects, opponents, characters and zones.

The hardcover compendium from the Future Press publisher can be ordered separately – on Amazon it is sold for $ 49.99.

The publication is intended for Europe, where the Dark Souls trilogy will be released in 2019 – in America and Asia, its release took place on October 19, 2018.


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