Treyarch: exclamation marks near the nicknames of non-season players appeared in Black Ops 4 due to a bug


The indicator will be replaced by another.

The developers of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 reported that the exclamation mark icon appeared next to the nicknames of some users because of a bug. Initially it was assumed that the yellow triangles will be visible only in group lobbies with friends, and not in public rooms. Treyarch employees promised to correct the situation and replace the icons with more neutral ones with the following patch.

An exclamation mark icon marks gamers with a basic version of the shooter. Thus, the game notifies the other members of the lobby that there will be no locations from the add-ons in the rotation of the cards.

In general, the gaming community reacted negatively to the icons for users without DLC. Gamers believe that in this way the developers tried to shame the owners of the standard version and thus motivate them to buy a seasonal subscription.

In the meantime, due to the pictograms in the Black Ops 4 lobby, it turned out that only a handful of players had acquired a seasonal pass.

Players in Black Ops 4 without a season ticket began to be marked with a special symbol – it turned out that most of them


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