Players in Black Ops 4 without a season ticket began to be marked with a special symbol – it turned out that most of them


With the latest update, the rotation of cards in multiplayer has changed.

The other day for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 a patch was released, which also changed the matchmaking system. After the update, locations from a seasonal season ticket were added to the map rotation. At the same time, players with or without DLC can still get into one lobby.

In addition, gamers with no season ticket are now marked with an exclamation mark icon. As it turned out, most of these users are in the shooter. Thus, at the moment, even seasonal pass holders cannot play on new cards, because they most often end up in rooms with regular users.

Players negatively perceived innovations of developers. They believe that now gamers will not want to buy a season ticket at all, as they have seen that only a small proportion of users have purchased DLC cards. In general, the community of fans is sure that it is time for Activision and Treyarch to move away from the seasonal gap model.


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