NVIDIA will turn to PC gamers face


NVIDIA intends to increase activity in the consumer graphics market and not be content with the “gift” of excellence. In the past, the GPU manufacturer shifted its emphasis on AI and systems for autonomous control systems for cars, but now the company plans to focus on the development of the video card segment for the PC.

This will lead to increased competition in the market, writes DigiTimes. It is noted that, despite the decline in the consumer GPU market, NVIDIA receives a significant share of the profits from the sale of graphics accelerators.

A sharp surge was recorded in 2018. Growth driver was the sale of video cards “crypto enthusiasts.” There was a rise in prices for NVIDIA shares, which received resources for developments in the field of AI and IoT. But then the hype around Bitcoin and his followers subsided, the market was flooded with top-notch video cards, which allegedly negatively affected the demand for a new generation of GPUs.

In addition, there is increasing pressure from AMD and Intel, who are investing in the GPU business. Now NVIDIA does not want to be in the role of catch-up.


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