Hideo Kojima compared the collaboration with Guerrilla Games with the flight into space

Hideo Kojima believes that his collaboration with the studio Guerrilla Games can be compared with space exploration. About this game designer told in his twitter.

At the event PlayStation Experience 2016 it became known that the next game Hideo Kojima Death Stranding uses Decima engine studio Guerrilla Games. In a series of tweets, the master explained how he sees cooperation with the authors of Killzone and the upcoming Horizon Zero Dawn.


Space exploration ceased after the Cold War. Explore outer space has become too expensive.
Increased investment in the Earth and closed the program of space shuttles.
In the meantime, I, wishing to go to the Moon, met the team of Guerrilla Games, which was planning to fly to Mars.
We decided to make a rocket, transforming their engine. In this way, we can get not only to Mars, but even to Jupiter.

Perhaps the author wanted to say something with this metaphor. Hideo Kojima likes to hide tips for fans in unexpected places.

Also, game designer shared a photo with an interesting story. In January, Kojima, along with PlayStation 4 engineer Mark Zern, traveled to various game studios in search of the engine for Death Stranding.

In January I traveled a lot of studios around the world with Mark Zerny. This is a photo from our collection “trip in search of technology”.
Funny, I was not afraid not to find the right engine. I felt only excitement and hope. It’s been almost a year.
In the end, I was right. This journey was the starting point to which everything is now tied.

At the 2016 Game Awards ceremony, Hideo Kojima showed another Death Stranding trailer. In the same place the master received the award “Icon of Industry”.


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