Leading narrative designer Dishonored 2 went to EA Motive

Another sign that Arkane is moving away from purely plot games.

On January 15, Sandra Duval, Sachka, reported that she had left Arkane to work at EA Motive. In the studio Electronic Arts, she will hold a similar position related to the construction of game stories.

Well, no one seems to have considered my presence [at work] today as a mistake, so it seems that I can officially announce that I am a very frozen narrative director at EA Motive, in Montreal.

At Arkane, Duval was one of the key employees — she is listed as the lead narrative designer, Dishoniored 2, and additions to Death of the Outsider. In addition, prior to Arkane, she worked on the Styx: Master of Shadows script.

In October, EA Motive lost its founder – Jade Raymond left the studio . At the same time it was reported that the experimental division of EA is working on four projects at once – including an adventure sci-fi action game. The EA Motive portfolio has only one release so far – the Battlefront II campaign.

As for Arkane, in the summer of 2018 studio representatives reported that the Dishonored series had “gone to rest”, and the following games of the company may include multiplayer elements. Already in October, Arkane announced a search for testers with experience in multiplayer games.


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