The world’s largest hybrid airship will no longer fly


The company Hybrid Air Vehicles refused to continue to use the world’s largest hybrid airship Airlander 10. Its construction was started in 2010 by the US military. The airship, able to stay in the air for a week, was planned to be used as a system for reconnaissance and surveillance. Budget cuts have affected the fate of the platform.

As a result, the project was bought by Hybrid Air Vehicles, which transported a prototype to the UK. They were going to use the airship for civilian purposes – in the future, it could carry up to 10 tons of cargo, while spending less fuel than conventional aircraft.

The EU and the government allocated grants for the development of the monster airship that made the first test flight in 2016. Then came the second, but it ended in a minor accident. After a fix in 2017, another incident occurred during the next flight, and Airlander 10 was blown away. Then two people suffered, and the damage was considered serious.

In Hybrid Air Vehicles said that Airlander 10 fulfilled its mission, allowing to collect data, but he will not return to the sky again. Now the company is working to establish the production of commercial airships, and also intends to develop an Airlander 50 with a lifting capacity of 50 tons.


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