Master class from Sony: both during the scandal, issued an official statement, and nothing in it is not to say


And piss everyone off even more.

June 12, Epic Games has released Fortnite for Switch. Nothing foreshadowed trouble, but users who used to play this royal battle on PS4, suddenly discovered that they could not transfer their progress to the Nintendo console. An inscription appeared on the screen: “This Fortnite account is associated with a platform that does not allow it to be used on the Switch.”

It soon became clear that Sony is not only blocking cross-play with competing platforms (allowing it from PC, Mac, iOS and Android), but also “holding hostages” the accounts of its users. Not surprisingly, the players were furious – so much so that even the company ‘s shares fell by a few percent.

Sony’s logic can be understood: it leads by the number of consoles sold by a wide margin from competitors, and this trend is to be maintained in its interests. While Microsoft and Nintendo are forced to show players a “human face” and allow any cross-play, for Sony every player in Fortnite on PS4 is a lure for new console buyers.

World without sony

Of course, right now Sony can be an absolute evil and raise torches and pitchforks, but in fact, Nintendo and Microsoft in its place would certainly have behaved as well. The industry leader is almost always a villain, because it can afford more than its competitors (look, for example, at some Apple solutions in recent years).

When the company is in a vulnerable position, it immediately tries to turn its face to the players. The only thing worth is updated EA, which for its presentation said “no Luthboxes”, probably fifty times, and now hastily promises to add romantic lines to Anthem, although for a couple of days she said that they would not be.

But Sony has not yet felt the weight of the problem that it faced, and therefore issued an amazing statement on the BBC. These are three paragraphs of the text in which the company has never touched on the essence of the problem of “accounts held hostage.”

We always listen to what the PlayStation community is interested in to improve the user experience of the games.

With 80 million active players per month on the PlayStation Network, we have built a giant community of users who can play Fortnite and other online titles.

We also offer cross-platform support for PC, Mac, iOS and Android, giving Fortnite PS4 fans the opportunity to play with even more people on other statement

Sony said only about the cross-play, although the players don’t ask for it especially: they require the ability to at least transfer their progress and, most importantly, the purchases.

Even calm bloggers usually exploded from this statement.

GO. It’s all? It was a statement. Yes, they did not say anything at all!

Sony, baby, what are you doing.

Sony’s Epic statement was a giant wet farting into the air. The best thing you can do now is play Fortnite on consoles, where there is no anti-consumer policy. That is, everywhere except PS4.

Christ almighty, Sony’s statement about Fortnite accounts sounded so bad as if it was released by the White House.

Of course, the media were against Sony .

The statement looks like some kind of tactic. Sony seems to be hoping to avoid the existence of a problem so long that players can basically forget about what they were angry at.from Polygon

Sony dominates the current console generation and abuses it to thwart any threats to further PS4 sales.from The Verge

But, unfortunately, the problem most likely will not disappear anywhere. Fortnite already has 125 million players, and it can be called one of the most influential games of our time.

Moreover, according to NPD in the first quarter of 2018, about 40% of Switch owners in the United States also own PS4. Potentially, we can talk about millions of people for whom the Nintendo device was the second console.

The main question now is how long will Sony be, will it eventually break down and what will it do in this case. At the moment, the problem can still be hushed up, allowing users to transfer progress and purchases from PS4 between different versions of Fortnite. But the further the situation goes, the more the players can then demand as redemption if it does take place.


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