When using exotic payment methods, part of the commission in the Epic Games Store is charged to the buyer.

In Russia, the EGS and Steam in this regard, parity.

Updated Sergey Galyonkin’s comment added. Clarified information about when commission is charged in the Epic Games Store and on Steam.

Players pay attention to the fact that certain methods of payment in Epic Games Store come with additional fees, which the user must pay out of pocket.

For example, for users from Europe, The Division 2 may cost 64.03 euros.

This is also true for Russia, if you pay for the goods through a mobile operator – the rest of the ways go without additional expenses from the consumer.

Steam when paying via xsolla also takes a commission in excess of the original amount, but it is not indicated in the store’s basket, as in EGS, but just before the payment itself.

udging by the words of the head of the publishing direction of Epic Games, Sergei Galyonkin, in some cases the store cannot accept the payment of the commission, since it exceeds the commission of the store itself.

If Epic incurs expenses for making payments with a commission of more than 12%, it will incur losses from each such transaction.

We are discussing a possible partnership with many payment providers. The problem is that many of them take too much, so we have to pass these costs on to consumers.

The developers asked Sergey Galyonkin to add the ability to take such costs on themselves. The representative of Epic confirmed that this option is valid, but doubted that many studios will want to accept payments through services that take up to a quarter of the amount.

We will have to adjust something on our part for this, but this option is possible. True, I do not quite understand why you want to support payment methods that can take up to 25% of the transaction.

We transfer a part of the commission on players only for absolutely expensive methods. The same Paysafe Card in Europe takes up to 24%, and we transfer part of this share to the player. There was an option to refuse such methods in general (like Sony, Apple, Microsoft) or to show an additional commission.Sergey GalenkinEpic games

Many companies prefer to take the service charge themselves, if the addition of an additional payment method significantly increases the turnover, and the fee itself is negligible. For example, Russian banks themselves pay a 0.05% commission for using Apple Pay, which Apple charges for each payment. The users themselves pay exactly the price specified initially.


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