Ubisoft began developing a game based on the “Avatar”

The French company announced a project in the universe of the highest grossing film in history. The game will use the Snowdrop engine, which runs Tom Clancy’s The Division. 

James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game

The project will deal with the creators of The Division of Ubisoft Massive. Swedish developers will work together with representatives of Fox Interactive and Lightstorm Entertainment. Employees of Ubisoft noted that their experience in working with the engine will allow you to try both a realistic graphics option and a more “cartoon” one.

According to David Polfeldt, managing director of the studio, Ubisoft Massive wants to create a game that will allow users to plunge into the world of Pandora, the planet on which the original painting takes place.

With the release of Avatar, James Cameron and Lightstorm Entertainment have changed our view of the exciting story. Their ambitions associated with the work on the continuation inspire us, we are grateful to them for having entrusted the development of the next game in the universe to us.David PolfeldtManaging Director, Ubisoft Massive

The upcoming project is not the first Ubisoft experience in the Avatar world. In 2009, the world saw the game James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game, the events of which took place two years before the plot of the original film. She received mixed reviews from critics, but despite this she became a commercial success , spreading about three million copies.


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