Studio Constantin Film will restart the horror franchise “Turn the wrong way”

In the seventh film of the series they plan to touch on social themes.

Studio Constantin Film announced that it is working on restarting the franchise “Turn is not there.” The original films featured a family of cannibals from West Virginia hunting people.

The writer of the rebut will be the author of the first part – Alan McElroy (Alan McElroy), also known for the film adaptation of the comic “Spawn” of 1997 and the same-name cartoon series.

Putting a picture of Mike P. Nelson, whose directorial debut, the fantastic thriller “Local”, came out in the summer of 2018.

As stated by the creators of the restart, in the next picture they want to touch on the most urgent issues. In the story, a group of friends goes on a hike and wanders into a certain settlement, among which the inhabitants enjoy equality.

The way Alan rethought his own work, and the way Mike is going to put it on the screen, is an eerie reflection of our reality.

What is “the American dream” for one person is the worst nightmare for another.Robert Kulzerproducer

When will the shooting of the film, at the moment is unknown.

The first part of the series “The wrong turn” came out in 2003 and collected almost $ 30 million in the world box office with a budget of 12 million.


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