Script writers “Saws” will restart the ” destination”

This will be the sixth franchise film.

New Line Cinema Studio has begun work on restarting the Destination series of horror stories about people who are trying to “cheat” death. ”

The script will be written by Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, known in four parts “Saws” (from “Saws 4” to “Saws 3D”), as well as the paintings “Pir” and “Collector”.

The last part of the franchise “Destination” was released in 2011. It is still unknown who will put the sequel and when it will be released.

From 2000 to 2011, five films were released, the plots of which are practically unrelated. The action of each part takes place around a group of people, one of whom foresees a certain catastrophe and saves himself and others. After that, all who escaped death begin to die due to accidents.

“Destination” is one of the successful horror franchises of the New Line Cinema studio along with “A Nightmare on Elm Street”. With relatively small film budgets of no more than $ 40 million, the total fees of the series were almost $ 700 million.

Earlier it became aware of plans to restart the franchises “Friday, the 13th” and “Turn the wrong way . “


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