Players found a way to get around the time limit in the 30-minute Resident Evil 2 demo

To do this, you need to run the game from different accounts.

On January 11, Capcom released a free trial version of the Resident Evil 2 remake, which sets a time limit – only 30 minutes to pass.

However, players soon discovered several ways to help circumvent this limit. The demo can be run an unlimited number of times from different accounts on Steam, PSN or Xbox Live, depending on the platform.

For PC users, there are other ways. On the Steam forums, they propose to use special trainers that “nullify” the timer, or delete certain files, disabling saving “in the cloud”.

In some cases, data manipulations do not work without changing achievements. However, for such actions account on Steam can block.

After the release of the demo Resident Evil 2 came out on top in the top sales of the Valve digital store.

The trial version will be available until the end of the month, and the game will go on sale on January 25.


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