Kingdom Hearts III endings will be released in excerpts within three days of release.

The Kingdom Hearts III release is scheduled for January 29, but the plot spoilers appeared back in December , when some players were able to get a disc with the final version of the game, after which Square Enix stated that there were no important parts of the ending. As it turned out, the missing plot scenes, it was decided to release a chain of updates.

This was reported by Eurogamer . On the day of release January 29, patch 1.01 starts, which should fix a number of errors and add “Archive memory” to the game – a summary of the previous games in the series. In the “Archive of Memory” you can look at any time from the main menu.

January 30 in Kingdom Hearts III will be a video with the epilogue. In order to be able to watch it, you must complete the game.

January 31 in the game will be a secret video. To view, you will need to go through the game and fulfill certain conditions that depend on the level of complexity. Square Enix did not disclose what it will show in the secret video, but promises that it will “enhance the players’ pleasure from the Kingdom Hearts world.”

To get all the additional endings, you need to download updates via the Internet, but the rest of the game will not require any patches.

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