“Is that a belated April Fool’s joke?” – players massively swear at the mobile game in the Diablo universe

The trailer has already scored more than a hundred thousand dizlaikov.

At Blizzcon, 2018 Diablo was announced : Immortal – the first game of Blizzard studio, focused exclusively on mobile platforms. The fans met her extremely negatively: many were waiting for a full-fledged new project or spin-off, but not a game for phones.

Most of the topics in the Western and CIS forums are devoted to dissatisfaction with the announcement of Blizzard.

The mobile Diablo disappointed many fans of the series. One of the viewers during the question and answer session even asked the developers if the announcement was a belated April Fool’s joke.

The Diablo: Immortal trailer on YouTube at the time of writing the material has more than 150 thousand dislikes. Video, dedicated to the gameplay, also receives a lot of negative reviews and comments.

Blizzard is actively struggling with the negative: according to the users of Reddit , moderators delete comments with criticism.

“Almost all the top comments under the video have been deleted. 
Thank you, Blizzard, for giving us what we need. ”

The fact that Diablo: Immortal is being developed not by the authors of the original series, but by the Chinese studio NetEase, adds fuel to the fire. Users have already discovered the game Endless Gods of the same company, which strongly resembles the new Diablo. Fans blame Blizzard for a simple “reskine”, covered with a big name.

At the same time, Daniel Ahmad , an analyst, noted that NetEase has developed many MMORPGs, and often the team uses similar assets in their projects.

This does not mean that the game is reskin. But the situation may be similar to the case when the Machine Zone did FFXV A New Empire.Daniel ahmadanalyst

Netizens, in turn, are smashing a new game in the universe of Diablo. Many are unhappy with the vector of the development of their beloved universe.

Wyatt Cheng, when asked if Diablo: Immortal is an April Fool’s joke.

My facial expression when I heard the news about Diablo: Immortal. I sympathize with those who paid to view this frustration.

However, there were those who did not share the common hatred.

Played the demo of the new Diablo: Immortal at BlizzCon. It feels like a modern mobile ARPG, and multiplayer works quite well. Nothing like a full-fledged PC game, but in general it looks like a high-quality mobile project.

I may be in the minority, but in general I am waiting for Diablo on mobile platforms. Recently, 90% of my gaming experience falls on them.

Some were disappointed by the overly toxic reaction of the audience to the studio experiment.

This is not wildness, this is disgusting, inappropriate behavior. I understand why people are angry, yes. But you can criticize and not be at the same time assholes towards people who spend their lives to entertain you.

Now at Diablo: Immortal is recording for a closed beta test , in which everyone can take part.


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