Holders of Destiny 2 complained of microtransactions in the New Year event

Bungie continues to annoy fans.

The other day in the Destiny 2 MMO shooter on all platforms , the Dawning event was launched in honor of winter holidays. Local social hubs are now covered in snow, and players can play snowballs.

One of the innovations are additional items that are available only until January 9, when the event itself is completed. They can only be obtained from special holiday engrams. However, players found that despite the start of The Dawning, as they are pumped, they often get only the usual engrams available in the base game, and the special ones fall out too rarely.

Given that the special items added to The Dawning (several dozen in total) are available for a limited time, many users will try to get them all. But because of the too rare “drop” of the required engrams, you have to spend real money in the Eververse in-game store.

A large thematic section on Destiny 2 on Reddit is filled with messages of disgruntled players. According to them, in other games, developers stick to a different system. For example, in Overwatch, during each event, users receive only special boots with special cosmetic items. Many noted that giving content that is already available in the base game is not fair to customers.

At the same time, among the holiday items there is also equipment that directly affects the gameplay, for example, the cases for “Ghosts”, giving certain bonuses. Bungie itself has not responded to user messages.

The topic was also touched upon by video blogger Jim Sterling, known for his commercials about scandals in the gaming industry. He compared the approach of the publisher Activision with EA and Battlefront II. According to him, the whole essence of Destiny 2 now lies precisely in the in-game store. At the same time, Bungie launches the controversial updates over and over again, receives a portion of the negative from users, and then apologizes and starts working on corrections.

Previously, the authors of Destiny 2 have repeatedly come across criticism. At first, the players noticed that the experience of the characters was not gained fast enough during long sessions. Bungie quickly acknowledged the error and corrected the indicators.

The “Curse of Osiris” DLC, which was released in early December, also did not suit thefans. The storyline campaign was too short, and there was too little additional content. In addition, the developers have blocked some types of activities from the basic version of the game, apparently insisting on buying an add-on. In addition, the other day in Destiny 2 appeared the subject, designed to increase the chance of loss of exotic equipment, but the players complained that it does not give any advantage.


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