From princes in the mud: Destiny 2 status after the release of the first DLC

Supplement did not solve the existing problems of the online shooter, and those who decided not to buy it, the content was only less, players complain.

The first DLC for the Bungie shooter, The Curse of Osiris, was released on December 5 and, judging by the reaction of users and first reviews, did not meet expectations.

They complain about various aspects of the game, from the plot to the mechanic. And although the developers have already stated that they are working on solving several problems, it is unlikely that they will be able to quickly fix the situation when a major addition is called “nothing more than a patch.”

All content of the original is available only to owners of DLC.

Now only those who bought The Curse of Osiris will be able to take part in the high-level, “prestigious” versions of the raid and Destiny 2 raids .

The developers have increased not only the maximum level of game characters from 300 to 330, but also the requirements for raids and raids. Now only those who have reached the new limit will be allowed into the complicated versions of the gloomy raid and the Leviathan.

But PC users didn’t have much time compared to the owners of consoles to pass Destiny 2 – a little more than a month passed from the release in to the release of the add-on.

In addition, the “playlist” of heroic raids, which appeared in patch 1.1.0, is also unavailable for players who have not bought the DLC.

Many say that Bungie did roughly the same thing when the first addition to the original Destiny came out. With the release of The Dark Below in 2014, the owners of the “vanilla” game could not participate in weekly raids.

In addition, the content for which you need to go through “prestigious” raids and raids, was not available to all players. So, fully improve exotic weapon, a shotgun, “Legend of Akriuse” now can only add-holders.

This item was a reward for completing the “World Eater” quest chain. In the course of one of the tasks it is necessary to win a raid that has become too difficult for characters below level 330.

Moreover, the platinum trophy in Destiny 2 on PlayStation is now impossible to get without the “Curse of Osiris”, because one of the achievements in the game is the passing of “prestigious” versions of the raid and weekly raid.

The most powerful weapon in PvP

Users also complained that a rifle called the Prometheus Lens, one of the new items in the supplement, is too effective against other players.

And to the extent that it is difficult to do something against the owner of the new “gun”.

PvP in Destiny is now completely broken. 
You play quietly, and then you are instantly destroyed by someone with a “Laser Pointer of Death.”

The fact that there is no guaranteed way to get the Prometheus Lens did not improve the situation. Like many “exotic” items, you can only find a rifle in exotic engrams with random contents.

At the same time, Bungie quickly recognized the problem, saying that it was just a bug, but against the NPC, the weapon works as it should.

“Prometheus Lens” released with a bug. We will talk about the problem and how we are going to solve it in our blog.

No HDR in PS4 Pro version

Players noticed this mistake with the release of patch 1.1.0. On PS4, it is impossible to enable the function, despite the fact that HDR is specified in the update description.

The developers have already managed to announce that “they are actively looking for the cause of the problem,” but at the time of this writing there were no additional information from them.

Too short storyline campaign

Many netizens also said that they were left disappointed with how little new content was in “Curse of Osiris”. According to some, the passage of the story of the DLC takes only a few hours.

I will be honest. To date, this is the worst content for Destiny. Less than three hours of plot, an empty patrol zone and a rather boring location on procedural generation. I have a feeling that I bought a Destiny subscription and received a tiny update.

It was noted that even the design of the “Curse of Osiris” is difficult to say that the developers have put a lot of effort.

And what exactly did you do? Used new skins for weapons and location, which was already in the first Destiny.

The users of Reddit were also dissatisfied , some of whom stated that “Bungie needs to stop working on the upcoming additions and first fix the game.”

[This addition] is short and does not meet expectations. It adds nothing that would change the game. A long list of changes for the sandbox for DLC is not enough. The Curse of Osiris is just an update, and it should have been free.noisia_steampunkreddit user

Even the players in the official forums began to complain and demand the most radical solution – so that Bungie would stop taking money for the DLC.

Reviews and Reviews

Currently, Metacritic’s “Curse of Osiris” user rating is 1.7 points out of 10. Players in their reviews complain about all the same problems and the lack of major changes in Bungie’s online shooter.

Even critics, judging by the first reviews, are not too pleased with the supplement. Some, for example, the author of the portal VG24 / 7, urge not to buy the “Curse of Osiris” at all.

Do not buy [add-on], and stop playing Destiny 2 until the game is properly changed. This is my advice from the bottom of my heart. […]

Take your money away, “drive the Guard into a stall” and wait for a serious update to Destiny 2, which will do at least something to really advance the story and solve problems with the later stages of the game. The Curse of Osiris does none of this.Brenna hillPortal Browser VG24 / 7

And one of the largest publications, IGN, in its preliminary review, jokes that the main “curse” of the supplement is that it is too boring.

Earlier, developers have already responded to the criticism of the basic version of Destiny 2, promising to engage in a dialogue with the community as much as possible. However, all the changes, which were discussed in Bungie, are planned to be introduced already in 2018.


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