Fans of Destiny 2 have demanded to remove the in-game store

The forum appears more and more topics related to the aggressive system of microtransactions.

Last week, the Dawning in-game event dedicated to the winter holidays was launched at Destiny 2. He added to the game not only external solemn attributes, but also new equipment. Nevertheless, players noticed that the products in the Eververse in-game store are quite expensive.

At Eververse Trading Company, items are sold for real money or Bright Dust currency. The editor of PC Gamer said that it was problematic to pay for new items with in-game currency. So, since the launch of Destiny 2, the journalist regularly played shooter and managed to earn 1,500 units of Bright Dust. At the same time, only breast armor costs 1.2 thousand.

Also in the Eververse store are available holiday engrams that can be bought for silver – in-game currency, purchased for real money. Some element of equipment and shaders or other cosmetic improvements fall out of each engram.

The mechanics of microtransactions have caused discontent in the Destiny 2 community. Over the past days, discussions on the in-game store closing have been gaining popularity on the Bungie forum. Gamers are unhappy that the festive event imposes microtransactions on them.

At the moment , more than 50 discussions have been created on the studio-developer forum with a demand to remove the Eververse store from the game. The most popular topics scored about a thousand votes in favor.

Players note that the authors do not take any real measures, but only create the appearance of work.

Bungie, you say that you listen to the community. Stop fooling us. Eververse is a tumor that needs to be cut.

Be slye

Game developers continue to tell us that the production of games is becoming more expensive, $ 60 with each copy sold is not enough. They say that microtransactions and DLC are needed to further support games. […]

The problem with the Eververse store is that there are paid add-ons and microtransactions in the game for $ 60. Bungie, you are trying to increase profits as much as physically possible. For some reason, when I buy a Windows operating system, I don’t have to pay for additional OS protection or updates.


I like how the in-game content is added to the paid “extension”, before which there is another payvol. And people are still underway. Great job, bungie.

Your god

Some forum participants still took the side of developers and were not so critical towards the in-game store.

When I was a child, the games cost $ 50, which, when converted, corresponds to $ 90. Over the past 25 years, budgets have increased significantly. Previously, eight-hour games made teams of 10-30 people and sold them for $ 90.

Now we see a situation in which the company (Bungie) intends to continue to make content for the game, but at the same time also pay its employees so that they can support their families.Dudermomo

The Dawning event kicked off on December 20th. Players noticed that holiday items that are only available as part of an event fall out too rarely.

Previously, Bungie fans accused the company of deliberately reducing the likelihood of falling out of exotic gear. The problem was related to the subject of Three of Coins, which is designed to increase the chance of getting rare engrams. Bungie promised to sort out the situation.

Recently, Destiny 2 game director Christopher Barrett turned to Twitter fans and told about upcoming innovations. In 2018, Bungie promises to improve the drop from raids, add new seasonal items of equipment, ships and other objects, as well as change the economic system and pricing in the in-game store.


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