Development of the Friday the 13th: The Game suspended due to franchise dispute

It is possible that the developers will no longer be engaged in the development of the game.

Studio Gun Media reported that because of litigation over the ownership of franchise rights Friday the 13, its employees had to suspend the development of their horror Friday the 13th: The Game.

In the dispute, the scriptwriter of the original film “Friday the 13th,” Viktor Miller and his producer Sean Cunningham, who also acted as a stage director and is the current owner of all rights, agreed. Back in 2017, Miller made an attempt to regain his rights, citing US copyright law. Cunningham, in turn, said that he was the one who had the idea of ​​the film, and he himself took all the creative decisions and financed the production, and Miller was only hired to work and could not claim anything.

It is not yet clear whether Friday the 13th: The Game was mentioned in the trial itself, however, representatives of Gun Media said that the company has no choice but to pause the development of future content for the game. According to them, the studio was forced to admit that the creation of new modes, maps and playable characters is not feasible either at the moment or in the future.

Despite this, Gun Media will still fulfill some promises, for example, add dedicated servers for consoles, and will also be engaged in supporting the game and fixing bugs.

Representatives of the studio did not explain why such a decision was made only now, and what exactly has changed, because the proceedings had already begun long ago. It is possible that the developers were just tired of waiting for a decision and decided to surrender. Probably, if the situation is resolved in the future, Gun Media will again work on creating content for the game, but its representatives, judging by everything, are confident that this is the final point of development, so it’s not worth waiting for something new.

The Friday the 13th: The Game full release took place in May 2017. Gun Media studio collected money for the development on Kickstarter and the BackerKit site – a total of backers donated about 1.25 million dollars.


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