CNBC: Discussion of the deal between Disney and Fox has entered the final stage

Disney may announce Fox purchase next week.

According to CNBC, Disney intends to buy the production of films and TV shows Fox, leaving the latest news and sports.

According to American law, one company cannot own two terrestrial television networks, so Disney cannot buy Fox broadcasting, as it already has ABC.

Fox is currently valued at $ 60 billion.

If Disney buys Fox, she will have access to a vast library of rights, and will also be able to return the X-Men and Deadpool to the Marvel film universe. In addition, “Disney” can get the cable network FX, known for the TV series “Fargo”, “Legion” and “American horror story.”

According to media reports, Fox heads are interested in selling, because they believe that the company in its current form will not be able to survive the upcoming changes in the market. Therefore, they will earn a more stable business related to broadcasting sports events and news.

Fox believes that in the coming years, the market is waiting for a collision of giants like Amazon, Google and Netflix, which will produce all kinds of content, including movies, TV shows and TV shows.

For Disney itself, buying Fox is another way to supplement the library of exclusive content that the corporation will sell in Netflix’s own equivalent .


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