Bungie will receive 100 million dollars from the Chinese giant NetEase and will produce new franchises

Companies will cooperate in the production of games.

As reported by, this is not about buying a studio. NetEase will receive only a share of Bungie for its investment.

The deal will allow Destiny 2 authors to enter the Chinese market for the first time, as well as to develop “new directions” outside of cooperation with Activision. Moreover, in the future, Bungie can independently start publishing its games. As Jason Schreier of Kotaku notes, the studio is already working on a new IP.

This is not a deal to release games in China. They just share our passion for games, for creating worlds that inspire people to friendship and build communities. This is the focus of our cooperation.Pete ParsonsCEO of Bungie

At the same time, Bungie emphasizes that they will support Destiny for “many years.” Just now, the company will begin to develop and maintain several franchises – as does, for example, Blizzard.

It is possible that Bungie will begin to engage in games for smartphones. The developers note that the NetEase experience will help them to enter this market.

In recent years, all the studio’s work has been almost entirely devoted to Destiny, but now the company wants to “try new ideas and new concepts” that had previously been put aside.


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