Bungie managed one update to add two incorrect functions to Destiny 2

An item designed to increase the chance of exotic gear falling out does not fulfill its function.

Last Friday, the Xur merchant arrived again in the world of Destiny 2, in the assortment of which the Three of Coins item appeared. This bonus should increase the chance of dropping exotic engrams during missions.

The developers have never described in detail how the Three of Coin mechanism works. The players, in turn, complained that the bonus does not give any advantage and the engrams still do not fall out.

Even with repeated use of Three of Coins for several hours, gamers did not get a result. In the description of the subject states that it increases the chance of loss of exotic from different sources in the game world. No other details are indicated.

Redditor Brknsymtry conducted his own investigation. He played Destiny 2 for 16 consecutive hours and used four Three of Coins bonuses (each is valid for 4 hours). Despite this, thanks to the amplifier, he did not drop a single rare item, and the only exotic he received got him from the chest for making the raid.

Shortly after the first complaints of the community fans, Bungie manager David “DeeJ” Deig promised that the team would deal with the problem soon.

Our support team is exploring Three of Coins reviews. We will share the results on Monday.

On December 19, a post from the developers appeared on the Bungie forum , in which they explained how the Three of Coins works.

When a player uses Three of Coins, this gives a 50 percent increase in the chance of an exotic engram falling out during activities. Using an item does not guarantee receiving an exotic reward upon completing assignments, but increases the chance of falling out during the passage.

From Bungie’s post

The developers noted that at the moment Three of Coins does not work in heroic raids. Correct this defect plan in early 2018.

Another subject of complaint was the subject Fated Engram from the merchant’s range. These engrams guarantee the fallout of a new item that has not yet been in the owner’s arsenal. By the standards of Destiny 2 Fated Engram is quite expensive – 97 legendary fragments, which is three times more expensive than the Three of Coins.

However, users reported that duplicates of exotic items fall out of Fated Engram.

Bungie also promised to deal with the problem and report the results of the “investigation”.

We are investigating complaints that some players have received duplicate exotic items from Fated Engram. As soon as new information appears, we will share it.


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