Bungie apologized for content blocked in Destiny 2 after an add-on was released.

Users could not participate in some activities after the release of the DLC “The Curse of Osiris.”

On December 5, the addition “The Curse of Osiris” was released, which caused amixed reaction from the community. Users who have not bought the DLC, have noticed that now they can not take part in the “prestigious” versions of the raid and Destiny 2 raids.

The developers have increased the requirements for the tasks and the maximum level of heroes to 330. Thus, players without DLC could not reach the required threshold for participation in activities.

On the blog, Bungie employees apologized to the players and explained what guided them by introducing a similar system. Requirements for the “prestigious” tasks were to increase with each new addition. So the authors wanted to make endgame content interesting for all players.

The developers recognized that the implemented system was unsuccessful, and it was a mistake to make a “prestigious” raid accessible only to add-ons.

In the near future, an update will be released for Destiny 2, which will reduce the level required to complete the prestigious Leviathan raid to 300. Also, achievements and prizes of the Prestige status will be available to all users.

“Tests of the Nine” will be available to all gamers, and the “Curse of Osiris” will need only to play on the cards from the expansion.

The gloomy raid at the “Prestige” level will keep the heroes’ threshold level of 330 points of strength; access will need addition.

At a normal level of difficulty, a gloomy raid will require the presence of a DLC only for the maps from the add-on.

It is assumed that the changes will take effect with the release of update, the release of which is scheduled for December 13.


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