Blizzard Announces Mobile Diablo Immortal

Her events unfold between the second and third parts.

Blizzard together with NetEase will release Diablo Immortal mobile action RPG for iOS and Android devices. The game takes place between the second and third part of the series. After Tyrael destroyed the stone of the universe in the final Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, its fragments scattered throughout the Sanctuary and began to attract monsters, with which players will have to fight.

Apparently, the main opponent will be Scarn, one of the minions of Diablo. He is trying to collect all the pieces of stone to resurrect his master.


A choice of six classes will be available from the numbered series of games: a barbarian, a monk, a magician, a crusader, a demon hunter and a necromancer. All of them have skills similar to those of the characters in Diablo III.

In addition, the game will be multiplayer elements. In particular, it will be possible to explore the locations and fight with the bosses in the company with other players. In this case, the main hub for users, apparently, will serve Vestmarsh – a city that appeared in the supplement Reaper of Souls for Diablo III.

Gameplay video

Blizzard did not say when exactly the release of Diablo Immortal will take place. On the official website of the game, you can register for a beta test.

In less than an hour, the game trailer on the official Diablo YouTube channel received more than 10 thousand dislikes. At the same time, the “Like” button was pressed less than 400 times.


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