Basketball player LeBron James started negotiations on restarting the Friday, the 13th franchise

It seems that the scriptwriter of the original film regained the rights to the series.

Vertigo Entertainment and SpringHill Entertainment, which belongs to basketball player LeBron James, confirmed that the project is already at the very early stages of production.

At the moment, it is not known exactly who will participate in the filming. Studios have just started searching for a screenwriter and director who will return the horror franchise to the big screens.

According to media reports, Victor Miller, the author of the script for the original film of 1980, regained the rights to the series. In 2017, he sued his colleague, director and producer Shawn S. Cunningham.

Despite the fact that Miller did not participate in the creation of any of the many sequels on Friday, the 13th, it seems that the trial ended in his favor. Cunningham, to some extent involved in the production of each painting in the franchise, is going to challenge the decision.

Previously, the creators of the horror video game Friday The 13th announced that they had stopped development because of the situation with the rights to the series.

The last film at the moment in the franchise was released in 2009. The film company Paramount Pictures tried for several years to launch another re-launch into production, but canceled the project in February. Put it had to Brek Eisner, director of “Mad Men” and “The Last Witch Hunter.”

Friday, the 13th is a series of films centered on a killer named Jason Voorhees. It includes eleven paintings, not counting the Freddie vs. Jason crossover.

Rebut another iconic horror franchise, “Halloween”, paid for its budget several times already during the first weekend. David Gordon Green’s tape collected more than 91 million dollars worldwide.


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