Yves Guillemo: in the future, streaming games will become safer and more convenient than buying “iron”


The head of Ubisoft about the streaming model, pricing and upcoming video game technologies.

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In an interview with IGN in the framework of Gamescom 2018, Ubisoft Executive Director Yves Giymo told about his future gaming vision, transition to streaming services and pricing.

Technology to this and go. The hardware is becoming more powerful, and the data transmission systems are becoming more efficient, so that one day it will be easier for us to stream something rather than buy PCs and consoles and update them regularly.

Ives guillemo

executive director of Ubisoft

Prices for games, according to Giymo, will be shaped in such a way that every gamer can find what he can afford.

There will be different distribution models. Everyone will be able to choose the one that suits him, depending on the amount of money he is willing to spend.

I like the variety and variety of content consumption patterns, I like it when people have different ways to play with each other.

Ives guillemoexecutive director of Ubisoft

With the development of technology, according to Giymo, the approach to the creation of games will change. At E3 2018, Ubisoft announced a partnership with Joseph Gordon-Levitte HitRecord and attracted the community to the development of Beyond Good & Evil 2.

We believe that it is very important to involve the community in creating projects, because then in the game, users will feel more comfortable. Partnership with HitRecord is one of the ways to organize work with a large number of people. Things are going well. We see a lot of fantastic ideas and suggestions. This will certainly affect the diversity and appearance of the game.

In the future, the games will be truly huge worlds. And the authors who are able to create locations and environments that are completely different from what a single studio, even if consisting of 500 people, can do, will help the working process.

Ives guillemoexecutive director of Ubisoft

Guillaume noted that Ubisoft will continue to look for ways to make gaming accessible to everyone. As examples, he cited the iPhone and Nintendo Wii, which added many new users to the video games.

Also, the head of Ubisoft believes that developers need to further develop technologies of alternative control in video games, and in the next stage they should concentrate on speech recognition and voice control. The recognition systems of eye movements and human emotions will allow you to create NPCs that will respond to the player’s condition.

Yves Giymo noted that it would take time to implement such ideas, but with the current pace of technology development, advanced systems may appear in the near future and developers should already prepare and master them.


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