VLC player downloaded 3 billion times. Soon he will get AirPlay support

The popular VLC media player downloaded about three billion times – according to a representative of the developer, this milestone is about to be overcome. At CES, one of the leading developers of the program also said that the player will soon receive AirPlay support. This will allow him to stream videos from Android and iOS smartphones to Apple TV.

Most likely, AirPlay will be implemented in VLC 4. While there is no exact date, however, the developers at Videolan do not intend to postpone progress indefinitely. As recalled by The Verge, last February, Chromecast support from Google was included in the player.

VLC began as a student project in 1996. Since then, the “business model” of the player has remained almost unchanged, it is still “open source”. Although with codecs in some regions there may be problems. Its development is a non-profit organization supported by a developed community.


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