The creators of “Blade Runner 2049” sued Peugeot because of a failed deal about a flying car

Kay was supposed to have a French car.

Film company Alcon Entertainment, engaged in the production of the sequel “Blade Runner”, filed a lawsuit against the car manufacturers Peugeot.

The studio claims that the French company violated the terms of the deal on product placement, damaging the advertising campaign and box office of the fiction film Denis Villeneuve.

If you believe the complaint Alcon, Peugeot offered to spend 30 million on the promotion of “Running” – including posters and commercials. In return, the authors agreed to add their brand to the film.

Designers had to develop a model of the flying Peugeot, Kay’s personal transport, the hero of Ryan Gosling. In addition, three four-second scenes were going to be added to the picture, where the car brand logo would be visible in the background as one of the holographic advertising banners.

The result was approved by Peugeot, but the company sent designs and product placement for revision time after time. As a result, she broke the contract when the “Blade Runner 2049” advertising campaign was already in full swing.

According to representatives of Alcon, they have already managed to show the flying Peugeot at the Comic-Con in San Diego, and tell about the cooperation with the French company. The logo of the car, noted in the lawsuit, remained in the picture, but it received no additional funds for marketing.

The studio blames Peugeot for acting in bad faith and was not originally going to spend $ 30 million on a film. Perhaps, she could not even afford such a deal, having offered almost twice as many other auto companies aspiring for product placement in Running.

Alcon Entertainment associates the box office failure of the picture, the losses from which were estimated at 80 million dollars, including the failed transaction.

Peugeot did not participate in the promotion of the film, which is why he definitely suffered.

On the marketing of “Blade Runner 2049” spent $ 30 million less than intended. Not to mention the additional media coverage of short-length video clips that told viewers about the history of Peugeot, owned by Kay.from Alcon Entertainment

Peugeot has not commented on the charges at the moment.


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