Scientists have developed an application to determine the opium “overdose”


American physicians are sounding the alarm – 110 people who take opioid-based drugs die in the country every day. Scientists have begun to develop an application called Second Chances, which is intended to determine the symptoms characteristic of an overdose of substances.

With the help of ultrasound, the smartphone will be able to detect breathing problems that are observed in people who abuse opioids. Having fixed a given pattern, the application notifies a friend, relative or doctor that the observed has exceeded the dose of the drug.

An application, sending a signal that is silent to the ear, can work at a distance of up to a meter from a person. As part of the research conducted, the accuracy of the program installed on the Samsung Galaxy S4 was 96% when breathing stopped for at least 10 seconds, and 87% when breathing slowed down significantly. In addition, Second Chances accurately predicted 19 out of 20 potential “overdose”.

The application is not intended for permanent work. It is assumed that the patient will run it immediately before the injection.

Second Chances is under construction.


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