Publishers of children’s game books sued Netflix because of the interactive episode of Black Mirror.


And require 25 million dollars in compensation.

Chooseco Company has filed a lawsuit against Netflix for copyright infringement on brand Choose Your Own Adventure ( «pick your adventure”). From the late seventies, “interactive” children’s books are published under it, where the ending depends on the reader himself.

The lawsuit is associated with an episode of the Black Mirror series called Bandersnatch, where the viewer is offered to make decisions that affect the development of the plot.

According to Chooseco, Netflix regularly used in the promotional materials a series of comparisons with children’s books, as well as the very phrase “choose your own adventure”.

The plaintiffs believe that the online cinema has played on the brand’s fame, despite the demands of the copyright holders – including a written warning complaint. The company also noted that at the beginning of Bandersnatch, the main character even mentions a series of books, as he wants to make a video game based on one of them.

In addition, earlier Netflix and other film companies negotiated with Chooseco, intending to start producing films based on the books Choose Your Own Adventure. But the online cinema did not get right.

The publisher believes that the authors of Bandersnatch tried to mislead the audience and caused damage to Chooseco’s reputation – it is estimated to be at least $ 25 million.

Books of the Choose Your Own Adventure series are sold in a total circulation of over 250 million copies and translated into several dozen languages. The first such book was published in 1979.

An interactive episode of Black Mirror was released on Netflix on December 28th. Because of the work on it the fifth season of the series had to be postponed .


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