Programmers spy on Amazon Ring security camera users

“Smart” houses are only still trying to become such, there are a lot of components for creating them. One of them is the Amazon Ring security camera system, designed to ensure the peace of mind of their users. However, as The Intercept journalists found out , the data from the cameras turned out to be accessible to the developers.

The company gave for the refinement the recognition algorithms of objects and faces to Ukrainian developers. According to The Intercept, since 2016, they have gained access to Amazon’s “clouds”, where custom videos from all over the world are stored.

At that time, the data was stored unencrypted. In addition, the developers have obtained a database with user data, which allows them to compare video with specific customers of the company.

Also, unlimited access to information (to live broadcasts) was obtained by managers and developers from the United States, regardless of whether it was dictated by their official duties. All that was required to gain access was to know the user’s email address. According to sources, some Ring employees shared information about what they saw (cameras are installed both outside and inside the premises).


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