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“Plots” will go on a cruise. But they do not know the main idea of ​​marine navigation.


Next year, supporters of the “flat Earth” theory will go on a sea cruise sponsored by the Flat Earth International Conference. Travel details are unknown, but at least one fact is already causing a smile: all sea navigation is based on the fact that our planet is spherical, reports The Guardian.

About this edition told Hank Keyer – a man who had worked for 23 years as a captain of a cruise ship and passed two million miles. Modern positioning systems like GPS work altogether due to the multitude of satellites that are in orbit of the Earth – by itself, round.

A total of 24 main GPS satellites are in orbit. Keyer says that if the Earth were flat, three would suffice. But precisely because of the shape of our planet, significantly more satellites are needed to cover all the sites.

The Guardian contacted the representatives of the Flat Earth International Conference for more information about the cruise, but they have not yet responded. The resource suggests that the “flat land” will want to assemble a crew of like-minded people, but this is a problem. Hank Keyer assured that he had never seen a captain who believed in the theory of a flat Earth.


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