Musk showed the assembled starship ship with retro-futuristic design

SpaceX has finished preparations for the first test flight of its starship, which used to be called BFR together with the Super Heavy rocket accelerator (an abbreviation not quite censored). Elon Musk posted on Twitter a real photo of the shuttle.

A few days ago, the businessman had already published a ship render – Starship looked like it had come down from the pictures of the 60s-70s about the space future and traveling between the planets. The ship in reality still looks cool and stylish (can you say so about many spacecraft?), But the joints between the fragments of the body are clearly visible, while on the renderers the fuselage was as solid.

This is just a test version of the Starship suborbital modification. SpaceX will experience a vertical take-off and landing apparatus. Orbital Starship will be a little more elongated, as previously reported by Elon Musk.


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