Media: Amazon is working on its own streaming service for games

It looks like the company is going to compete with Google and Microsoft.

About plans for Amazon reported the publication of The Information, citing two sources close to the corporation.

According to them, the upcoming service will be similar to Google’s Project Stream, which allows you to run games directly in the browser if the network connection speed is high enough. The power of “iron” is not so important.

Amazon has already begun negotiations with several game publishers, offering to distribute their products by subscription. However, work on the project is at an early stage – plan to start the service no earlier than the beginning of 2020.

Microsoft has repeatedly spoken about the interest in the development of such technologies. Earlier, the company announced that it had started internal testing of the Project xCloud service, which will allow it to run games “on any device.”

In addition, the media reported that the corporation is working on the console specifically for streaming.


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