In Russia, IBM’s quantum computer was called the “designer cube”

IBM showed  at IBM  CES a 20-Qbit quantum computer Q for commercial use. Russian experts believe that the demonstration of a quantum computer in Las Vegas is an important step for the industry, but it does not indicate a revolution in quantum computing.

At the exhibition, they are sure, only the declaration of the possibility of using a quantum computer, and not himself, is presented.

In Las Vegas, a device was demonstrated that resembled a complex chandelier installed in a three-meter glass cube against a wall with IBM logos, Izvestia writes . This is an insert in a cryostat, not brought to the exhibition.

It is noted that the design is only a symbol of a quantum computer, and not himself.

As for the revolution in the field of quantum computing, which many began to talk about in connection with the demonstration of the first working commercial sample, all experts agree on its absence, the newspaper writes.

According to Sergey Garbuk, Director of Research Projects at HSE, it is possible to talk about a breakthrough when quantum superiority is proved – that is, a computational problem that is too heavy for classical computers is solved. Experts point out that it is not yet possible to solve a single applied problem on an IBM computer. For this reason, the sale of commercial access to such a device still looks very doubtful.

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