Film company Alcon Entertainment has announced the impending layoffs due to losses “Blade Runner 2049”

The management did not report how many employees it intends to reduce .

The budget of the film “Blade Runner 2049” without marketing amounted to 155 million dollars. In the blockbuster invested film company Sony Pictures and Alcon Entertainment. However, under the contract, Alcon could not make a profit until Sony covered its costs.

As a result, the film collected almost 260 million, and the losses from the picture were estimated at 80 million. Sony and Alcon shared the costs between themselves.

The financial failure of the film Denis Villeneuve hit on Alcon Entertainment, because of which the company announced the impending staff reduction. It is not known how many people will lose their jobs, but the sources of The Hollywood Reporter report that contracts will be broken with no more than ten employees.

Our cooperation with the authors of the pictures has already reached the third decade, and we are considering not only the theater business, but also other rapidly developing digital platforms.

Ultimately, the adjustments made will help us keep up with the times and use the latest achievements of the industry.

Becoming a more flexible company, Alcon will continue to work with excellent creative partners. This will open up new opportunities for the next stage of development.

From a statement by Alcon Entertainment executives Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosow

In addition to losses due to Blade Runner 2049, Alcon has not paid off a few more films, including the ones Who Is Our Dad, Man? With a budget of $ 25 million and Cavalry , which cost 36 million.

Nevertheless, the management of Alcon Entertainment intends to further develop the universe of “Blade Runner”. The company also bought the rights to the animated picture about the cat Garfield.

A new vector of development requires us to slightly reduce the amount of labor. Nevertheless, a few layoffs due to optimization of the business model are not key to our reorganization plan. We will always be grateful to all those who have to leave our team, for the energy and strength they sacrificed for the sake of work.From a statement by Alcon Entertainment executives Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosow

Despite the low box office “Blade Runner 2049” received positive reviews from the press, as well as five nominations for the Oscar 2018, which will be awarded on March 4th.


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